Shareware Hangvogel is making inexpensive software, mainly for professionals or semi-professionals. We use the shareware concept.

Try before you buy

You have to try the unregistered version before you buy. If you do not understand the agreement then do not register the software. If you do not agree with the agreement then do not register the software. In both cases, if you register anyway, then there will be no refund possible.

Holiday / registration delays

Payments are executed with the help of partners specialized in software registration. They accept your payment, send us the necessary data and then we send your program, usually (please see further) all within one day.
If you register through Regnow then you get your software immediately.
Remark for people registering with ShareIt: The program will be sent by us semi-automatically by email, after we get an order confirmation from ShareIt. Any important holidays or eventual registration delays will be mentioned here. If no holiday or weekend then your registered version is mailed within 24 hours. On weekdays that is usually between 11 and 18 EST (= 16 and 23 GMT.)

Register / buy / order now

Via Regnow:

Discount 15%: Dbx2mail and Pst2mail
Discount 15%: SmartDircopy and OnlyDirCopy
Discount 15%: Txt2dir and Txt2fil
Discount 15%: Txt2dir and OnlyDirCopy
Discount 15%: FakeTwin and Txt2fil
BpmChecker Light
Discount 15%: eMarker and iMarker

Via ShareIt, based in Germany, accepting credit cards from Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express and Diner's Club. Also other payment methods like check, wire transfer, Paypal and cash possible! Many billing currencies possible (Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen...)!! Just choose preferred ordering language:

Ordering language: English French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
SmartDirCopy X X X X X X
OnlyDirCopy X X X X X X
BpmChecker X X X X X X
BpmChecker Light X X X X X X
Dbx2mail X X X X X X
Pst2mail X X X X X X
Smartcopy X X X X X X
Hangtris X X X X X X
Advercount X X X X X X
Txt2dir X X X X X X
Txt2fil X X X X X X
FakeTwin X X X X X X
eMarker X X X X X X
iMarker X X X X X X

Contact us

Email: hangvogel@pandora.be
Website: http://hangvogel.hypermart.net

We speak English - On parle le francais - Wir sprechen Deutsch -
We spreken Nederlands

Shareware Hangvogel, based in Belgium, Europe.
We look at the world in another way.