Every registered user has the right to ask for a free update per email. This is only valid however for users who registered during the period this is mentioned on website. This way of working can change in future. Registered users are kept in database and have a reasonable chance that sooner or later all updates will be cheaper for them or even completely free. Eventual updated documentation will always be free and downloadable. Please check website.

Version history:
version 1.0, released May 2001
version 1.2, released June 2001:
- 2 important bugs removed (previously you got an error after selecting single files as source items + you got an error when (free) sizes were bigger than 2GB)
- added search possibility to help-file
version 1.4, released July 2001:
- automatic installer of the program available
- update procedure changed
- initialization bug removed, which occurred just after first run of program.
- new program icon created
- some minor changes
version 1.6, released Jan 2002:
- personalize the program by adding a background image you prefer
- help accessible directly from editing and run screens
- bug removed for people backing up complete drives (previously update function did not work without manually re-editing the item-to-add line, removing the back-slash)
- small bug solved: when changing the location for projects it was not immediatly accessible
- some minor changes
version 1.7, released May 2002:
- project editor supports now also files with read-only, hidden and system file attributes.
- better compatibility with CDs, solving some rare but very nasty errors.
- minor changes like ability to view log file from run-window using right mouse...
version 1.8, released August 2002:
- bug resolved: when using default destination in combination with limitation of backup drives it could have resulted in an error that you were not allowed to write to a drive while you should have been allowed.
- minor changes (eg: initialization error in option 'limitation of backup drives' fixed, look of project editor slightly improved, report and help files improvements)
version 2.0, released October 2003:
- DVD support added
- 24 hour timer added with countdown monitor.
- history bug resolved + added history functionality
- project editor improved by adding multi-select support for files. Deleting from item-list can in multi-select mode too (ctrl-button).
- separate buttons added to project editor to check selected source size and actual free size on destination
- short-cut keys added
- minor improvements on statusbar messages and other
version 2.1, released November 2003
- bug in the new (v2.0) multiselect functionality resolved
- help file improved
version 3.0, released November 2004:
- added possibility to choose an exact destination path (synchronize)
- start a project by clicking on it
- project editor improved with better built-in file explorer and preview of destination items
- better pull-down and resize behaviour
- various small improvements
- batch support for advanced user
version 3.1, released December 2004:
- bug removed and small improvements in resize behaviour
version 3.3, released December 2005:
- completely new browser in project editor featuring the possibility of showing dir sizes and files sizes while browsing
- empty folders removal when folders do not exist anymore in source
- some small changes to project editor and reporting
version 4.0, released October 2006:
- run history overview added
- folder size checkbox added in project editor
- improved cancelling of a running project
- some minor improvements
version 5.0, released November 2009:
- speed has been drastically improved
- improved support for USB-sticks and external hard drives
- reporting of free size after a backup
- limitations in free version became less severe