Create desktop shortcut
If you have a project which you run very frequently then you can consider making a shortcut. Select the project and then choose between opening in the project editor or directly in the run form. If you are a very advanced user then you can also choose to create a shortcut which opens the project in the run form AND start the run itself immediately.
After you pushed the create button you can locate the link on your desktop.
Remark/warning: the desktop shortcuts created like this will overrule the normal external launch option (project editor versus run form). If external launch option is set for instance on run form, and a desktop shortcut was created for opening in the run form AND start running, then the shortcut will cause the project to run immediately!!

Very advanced users may think about using the program in a batch program. Additional info for them: use -extlog as a possible third parameter and -close as a fourth, respectively to force extended logs and to close the program after a project run.