Smartcopy FAQ

* Does it really copy every kind of file, including ".zip", ".exe" and ".mpg"-files?

* When I register I get an unlimited program... but is for instance a file of 100MB not above the limit?
No, but there is indeed a limit: 2147483647 bytes. So if you want to split files equal or bigger than 2 GB (2000MB) you will have to look for another solution (and please notify us too because maybe we can think about upgrading the program or make a special version for you).

* What in case of several copies of Smartcopy wanted?
The two rules are:
1. the program is personal! If you have 2 computers you use only yourself then registering one copy is enough.
If you are the boss of a company and want to put it constantly on 10 PC's for your employees, then 10 copies have to be registered.
2. mail! a special deal can possibly be made.