Version history:
version 1.0, released January 2007
version 2.0, released April 2007
- faster marking while switching color
- editing of htm(l) and eml better supported
version 3.0, released December 2008
- easy access to colors by using a color grid
- chosing of a bigger font size supported
- improved removing of items with multiple selection
- copy-paste parts from a website into a new or existing mht file
- improved script bugs handling
- printing supported
- several smaller improvements
version 4.0, released November 2012
- quickly get part of a web page launching eMarker from Internet Explorer
- default marking color shown on marking button
- more shortcuts assigned
- several smaller improvements
version 5.0, released July 2015
- program made simpler, concentrating on mht files
- best practice changed: added info for users using another web browser than Internet Explorer
- easier file saving with new save dialog remembering saving locations + added option to use selection for file name
- added option to prepend file name with actual date