To register, simply go to our website and look for a register link. Then just follow instructions.
At the moment this is written we work with 2 intermediate companies who are specialized in E-commerce solutions. They accept several payment methods like snail-mail, fax, phone, paypal and online with VISA.
Price (see website) includes the fee for intermediate company. Intermediate compan(y)(ie)s, prices and number of currencies can change in future.

Either you will receive your unregistered file by download or with email. If by email then, once registration accepted, you will get your personal, registered, executable file of the last known version of this program. Make sure your email system can receive a file as big as the size of the exe file and take into account that some systems reject exe and zip files. Exe-file for registered and unregistered version does not differ a lot. If your mail-system accepts files of about 1MB then you should have no problems. Simply replace the unregistered file manually by this registered file in the installation directory from the unregistered installation.